How to Maintain a Well Landscaped Yard in Broward

Broward Lawn

Homeowners in Broward face a unique set of challenges in maintaining a well landscaped yard. The tropical climate that Floridians love can play havoc with your home’s curb appeal. Your Broward yard endures excessive heat, the rainy season or drought, high humidity, salt infringement, persistent insect infestations and more. For instance, the climate causes bugs to be prevalent most… Read more »

February Tips & Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

This should be the last month of cold weather before we return to our typical South Florida temperatures. As we enter this transition period we need to visually assess our landscape plant material for the coming new year. We need to ask the following. How did the landscape plants respond to the cold weather? Growing… Read more »

January Tips & Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

Winter has now hit South Florida with its cold temperatures it’s time for us to take note of the damage that it has done to our landscapes but not corrective measures till the end of February. Early pruning to cold damaged plants can cause additional damage or even death to them. Its at this time… Read more »