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Whiteflies in South Florida Landscapes

  Whiteflies have become a major issue in South Florida with at least four species of particular concern: Ficus, Rugose Spiraling, Bondar’s Nesting and Silverleaf. Residents have noticed plant leaves yellowing, dropping, covered with white waxy material called flocculent, or covered with whitefly excrement called honeydew and its accompanying sooty mold. Plants, walkways, cars, outdoor furniture and… Read more »

Palm Tree Disease – Ganoderma is Incurable

    Palm Tree Disease – Ganoderma is IncurablePalm trees symbolize the tropics in the public imagination.  Coconut palms swaying in the breeze adorn advertisements for Florida’s beaches and resorts.  Palms are a dominant feature in the landscape in housing developments throughout Florida.  As landscape plants, palms are valued for their unique shape and the… Read more »

Coastal Landscaping with Salt-Tolerant Plants

If you think that the state of Florida offers a wealth of plant material and a good growing environment, you’re right. But try gardening within one-quarter of a mile on the Atlantic or Gulf  saltwater coasts, and you may have problems. Wind carries salt spray inland, leaving salt deposits on plants. Salt causes water to… Read more »