Hummingbird tip’s & trick’s for Florida landscapes

Time to add a little nature to your landscaping with humming bird feeders this month for your enjoyment. We will discuss how to go about purchasing or building your very own. Hummingbird Feeders A hummingbird approaches the feeder. Photo courtesy of Annkatrin Rose. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) While the best source of food for hummingbirds is one… Read more »

February’s tip’s & tricks for South Florida landscapes

How cold temperatures affect palms and how to treat them following a cold weather event. Types of Cold Damage There are essentially three types of cold weather events that can injure palms. Chilling injury occurs in tropical species at temperatures above freezing and occasionally as high as 50°F. However, the absolute temperature at which chilling… Read more »

January tip’s & tricks for Florida landscapes

Winter temperatures in Florida are frequently low enough to cause cold injury to tropical, subtropical, and occasionally temperate plants not adapted to Florida climatic conditions. Freezing weather normally occurs in north and central Florida, while below freezing temperatures are rare for south Florida. Tropical plants and summer annuals do not adapt or harden to withstand… Read more »