May’s Tip’s or Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

The following is a check list for gardeners for the month of May. Trees: This month you should be preparing for hurricane season by checking your trees for damage or disease. Now is a good time to prune all trees away from homes & buildings to prevent damage. If you are not sure, hire a… Read more »

Mays Tip’s & Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

This month’s tips & tricks we will be discussing how to improve the drought tolerance in the turf areas of our landscapes. With South Florida still under mandatory water management restrictions is imperative that we follow their regulations but at the same time improve our turf areas. Drought tolerance is a measure of how well… Read more »

April’s Tips & Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

Hope all is well with my fellow gardeners. Spring is here, the beginning of our growing season. Although we are still experiencing drought conditions, it is important to walk through and inspect our landscapes for fertilization deficiencies, bug infestations and sufficient water. It is of the most utmost importance to resolve any of these problems… Read more »